The Bedrooms

The Chateau Bellefond is able to sleep 27 persons.  The main stairway of the chateau leads to the first-floor bed chamber level. The walls have been covered with restful color coordinated fabrics, and a huge chandelier lights your way to the upper floor.

A spiral stairway toward the rear of the chateau leads to both first and second bed chamber levels of the chateau.  If you click on any of the images below,  a new tab will open for you to see more information about that particular suite or bedroom:

Chambre Albert Chambre Baudouin (Family Suite) Chambre de Josephine
Image of the Chambre Albert Image of double bed in the Chambre Baudouin Image of The Chambre de Josephine


Chambre Tower Chambre Printemps Single Rooms (Top Floor)
Image of the bed Chambre Tower bedroom The double bed in the Chambre Printemps Coming soon…


Lake Gite (sleeps 7) Garden Gite (sleeps 8) Honeymoon Gite (sleeps 2!)
image of Gites image of Gites image of Gites


 Additional Rooms

Following the spiral stairway to the top level, there are the following rooms to choose from….

Please Note!  The toilet and shower room are located in the hall of the top level, and are for the use of all bedrooms on this level. The shower room is large with a shower and hand basin on either side.

The Ashley Room.  A large, double bedroom with two skylights, a hardwood floor and a sectional sofa and desk.

The Green Chambre.  A two room suite, full bed. Fireplace, windows opening towards the main entrance. This room is situated over the porte cochere, on the top floor.

The Book Room.  A single-bedded room.

The Smiley Room.  A single-bedded room.

???  Bedroom. with a double bed and a small skylight.

The Upper Tower Room.  A circular, single-bedded room on the top floor.  It features a fireplace and has a  lovely view of the park.